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Are you burning $25 of fuel per hour? You simply cannot afford to be without your "friend."
For truckers, RVers, and anyone towing a trailer or car who needs pull-through fuel islands.


sample truck stop page
sample truck stop page
alpabetically by state & city
along interstates - in exit order

A handy, pocket companion to The Trucker's Friend or The RVer's Friend.

Fuel Finder lists the same locations as are listed in The Trucker's Friend and The RVer's Friend.

However, Fuel Finder has no maps and lists only the essential information (24/7, parking, food, showers, and repairs) about each location.

All locations have "big rig" accessible diesel.

show a larger version show a larger version
If you're a trucker, you might prefer The Trucker's Friend

$20.00 for

The Trucker's Friend & Fuel Finder

.$20.00 for

The RVer's Friend & Fuel Finder

If you're an RVer, you might prefer The RVer's Friend

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