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National Truck Stop Directory - The Trucker's Friend
FREE US ECONOMY SHIPPING!! Call 800-338-6317 (9 - 5 Eastern) for Canadian orders.

1,000,000 copies of The Trucker's Frend have been sold.

The same quality maps and truck stop data as in The Trucker's Friend.

RVers can find truck stops that sell diesel, gasoline or propane. The directory also tells which truck stops let RVers park overnight or have dump stations.

A pocket companion to The Trucker's Friend and The RVer's Friend.

Fuel Finder has no maps and lists only the essential information (24/7, parking, food, showers, and repairs) about each location.

Nearly 400 pages of maps and truck stop services help professional drivers stay productive on the road.
Listings are alphabetical by city as well as in exit order by interstate.

QUANTITY ORDERS (FL resellers with sales tax ID, please order at 800-338-6317 to save FL sales tax)

The Trucker's Friend
The RVer's Friend


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