Are you burning $25 of fuel per hour? You simply cannot afford to be without your "friend."

Pull-through diesel and gas locations for RVers with motor coaches, fifth wheels, or anyone towing a car or trailer.


alpabetically by state & city

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along interstates - in exit order

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Maps only have towns with diesel listed in our directory. Listings include phone numbers and if there are showers, overnight RV parking, a sit-down restaurant, scales, repairs, if the location sells metered propane, or if the gasoline pumps have RV access. Listings are alphabetical by city as well as in exit order by interstate. The RVer's Friend has the same information and the same truck stop listings as The Trucker's Friend.

A handy, pocket companion to The Trucker's Friend. Fuel Finder has no maps or phone numbers and lists only the essential information (24/7, parking, food, showers, and repairs) about each location.

IDENTICAL to RVer's Friend but with an truck on the cover.